Critical Inquiry Course Preview

21st century creative industries demand adaptive, imaginative and reflexive practitioners who engage the technical and formal processes of media production to enhance the meaning and affect of a creative product. Cutting edge creative media demands a concept-driven approach to practice that focuses on the development and communication of ideas. Accordingly processes and techniques emerge as the expression of that idea.

Preparing you to meet the demands of industry and audience, the approach taken in this module recognises that contextual and critical inquiry is an essential part of contemporary practice. And therefore to the creative projects you will complete in studio units and future real world scenarios. Through critical inquiry, engagement and reflection upon creative media consumption and production, this module will give you the knowledge and the breadth of understanding you need to innovate your creative practice.

Drawing on a range of creative media texts and analytical frameworks, this module engages with critical concepts and perspectives that influence the production and consumption of creative media in a contemporary global context. Through critical inquiry, you will discover how creative media generates meaning and how interpretations of meaning can be articulated from various social and cultural perspectives. You will discover how these perspectives define your personal response to creative work and be able to apply an understanding of contextual parameters to support your own creative media practice. You will gain a professional perspective on a range of digital tools and collaborative media platforms that assist you with the critical consumption and dissemination of information and equip you with the skills needed to make a meaningful contribution to participatory culture.

Video introduction to CIU402 Critical Inquiry