Reflection Question Generator

For both educators and student practitioners working in the dynamic space of creative media, the pursuit of continuous learning and professional development is not merely a choice but a necessity. For this reason, I regularly set reflective assessment tasks for … READ MORE

Piracy, Privacy and Surveillance

As digital citizens, it is our responsibility to be fully aware of our technological surroundings. This involves understanding the ethics and implications of our online behaviour and use of technology. In this lesson, we unpack some of the key debates relating to digital ethics and rights in relation to piracy, privacy and surveillance.

Media Activism

Alternative media is a vehicle for advancing counter-hegemonic discourse and differs from mainstream mass media in that it is often presumed to have a much greater capacity for transforming spectators into citizens and empowering them to actively participate in social change. In this lesson, we will examine the validity of this presumption and explore a range of activist media tactics such as culture jamming.

News Media

News media is the primary means by which the general public receives important information, helping them form opinions about their world and make important decisions about politics and government. A free and fair press is the cornerstone of democracy. In this lesson, … READ MORE


Representation Representation Introduction Representation refers to the construction in any medium (especially the mass media) of aspects of ‘reality’ such as people, emotions, experiences, places, objects, events, cultural identities and practices, social structures. In this lesson, we will explore representation … READ MORE

Media Effects

Mass communication and mass media permeate our society. At its most basic level, we can think of communication as the exchange of information or meaning. A medium, or media, is a technology which mediates this exchange.  In this lesson, we are going to take a look at some of the key terms and theories of media studies. In particular, we’re going to explore the extent of the mass media influences its audiences.