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Methodologies for Creative Practitioner Researchers

If you need help with designing your research project methodology or choosing the right research method or tools then you will definitely want to spend a little time exploring this collection of scholarly resources. Curated especially for creative practitioners and ...
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Open Access Collections

To celebrate Open Access Week 2016, I have created this list of open access directories and repositories where you will find quality academic scholarship and teaching materials. While many of the repositories in this collection are multidisciplinary, the resources featured ...
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Article Video Robot

Today I was intending to make a start on a long overdue research article, but the tyranny of the black page got the better of me so instead, I did what most of us do when we're wrestling with writing: ...
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Concise Disquisitions on Romantic Love

A gallery of short philosophical videos that reflect on the meaning, reason, experience, expectations and discourses of love ...
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think about it

Think About It

This post began as another Padlet experiment but has evolved into a virtual gallery of wisdom and provocations on sex, psychology, culture, relationships and various other themes I frequently entertain. It's food for thought when you've only got five mins ...
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PoMo Music Videos

In week one of my Cultural Perspectives course, the students are introduced to the concept of postmodernism. One of the ways I do this is through analysing music videos, which provide an example of postmodern stylistics ...
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padlet vs pinterest

Collaborating in the Classroom: Padlet vs Pinterest

As a tertiary teacher, I'm always looking for ways to increase opportunities for participation and collaboration in my classes. One of my preferred methods of doing this is to create virtual pin boards organised around the topics we are investigating ...
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apps for TL

Apps for Teaching and Learning

With the many 1000s of educational apps on the market, staying up-to-date with learning technologies can be a time consuming and bewildering process. So consider this list a tiny attempt at elevating some of the confusion surrounding teaching with technology ...
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Documentary Ethics and the Art of the Interview

Although I have no formal training in the discipline of film or the specificities of documentary film-making, I am an experienced ethnographer who has done hundreds of hours of participant observation and semi-structured interviews for the purpose of scholarly ...
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content sharing

Where to Share?

I teach a course called Cultural Perspectives, which is basically an introduction to critical theory for creative media students. As part of the assessment, students are asked to create some media content that explores one of the critical ...
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apps from writing

Apps for Writing and Blogging

Have you ever tried engaging students in the process of essay writing or touted the benefits of reflexive blogging to a colleague only to be told, 'I hate writing' or 'I don't have time for that'? If you're ...
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Open Access Journals on Teaching and Learning

This is a comprehensive collection of authoritative journals and academic anthologies featuring current scholarship on teaching and learning theories, practices, policies, debates and technologies with a specific focus on higher education. This list has been especially curated to help fellow ...
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content curation

Apps for Content Curation

A list of digital tools that will help you curate content, discover, organise and share bookmarks and information with visual appeal. All apps and services listed below are free to use or offer free versions with some user restrictions ...
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creativity apps

Apps for Creativity

This list features 50+ apps to help inspire your creativity and make it easier for you to edit or create images, videos, music, games, animations, comics, digital stories, magazines, websites, apps and interactive designs. It also includes apps to help ...
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apps for presentations

Apps for Presentations

A digital toolkit for creating visually stunning and content rich presentations. All apps and services listed below are free to use or offer free versions with some user restrictions ...
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open arts humanities

Open Access Journals in the Arts and Humanities

This post features a dynamic collection of peer-reviewed open access journals that publish scholarly research and criticism in the arts and humanities. Search, sort and preview the titles and abstracts for more than 70 publications across a range of disciplines ...
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student engagement

Enhancing Student Engagement

There is significant research that suggests student engagement is directly correlated to teachers and their style of teaching. Good pedagogy creates opportunities for active and collaborative learning, encourages students to be curious and autonomous learners, and provides the foundation for ...
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pedagogy featured image

Critical Pedagogy 3.0

Through the method of curation, we arrive at the convergence of critical pedagogy and pedagogy 3.0. The “critical” in Critical Pedagogy 3.0 refers to the ability to recognise, analyse and critique the social, cultural and political processes that are a ...
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critical reflection

Critical Reflection and Reflective Practice

Reflective practice encourages active and thoughtful engagement in our creative processes. This evolving compilation of resources has been especially curated to guide reflective thinking and writing for students and teachers who aspire to be reflective practitioners. Creative practitioners and artistic ...
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student apps

We ♥︎ Free Apps

A digital toolkit for content discovery and curation, collating and organising information, communicating and collaborating, reading and research, writing and referencing, presentations and publishing. This list has been tailored to meet the general needs of my students in the core ...
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flipped classroom featured graphics

Picturing the Flipped Classroom

Following my previous post, here's the second recent attempt at creating an original resource to explain the flipped classroom to my students and tutors. If you like the result, feel free to use it in your own practice. Read More
blended diagram featured

Picturing Blended Learning

This is one of my recent attempts at creating some original resources to help explain blended learning to my students and tutors. If you like the result, feel free to use it in your own practice. ...
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critical inquiry

Critical Inquiry for Creative Media

This resource collection provides an introduction to critical inquiry for creative media students. "The critical and creative functions of the mind are so interwoven that neither can be separated from the other without an essential loss to both". — Anonymous ...
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Blogging in Higher Education

This collection of web resources on blogging has been especially curated for students and teachers in the arts and humanities and addresses the professional value, pedagogy and best practicalities for blogging in higher education ...
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moodle makeover featured image

Give your Moodle a Makeover

This post is about embedding your curated content in a Moodle using four of my favourite services: Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Storify. With these tools you can easily transform your Moodle module ...
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blended learning

An Introduction to Blended Learning

Blended learning can take on a variety of forms in both offline and online education environments. Generally, it involves a complementary combination of offline (face-to-face, traditional learning) and online learning, which provides individuals with the opportunity to enjoy the best ...
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