Cultural Mainstreams Tutorial Task

Cultural diffusion is the process of one culture influencing another and has existed as long as humans have. However, determining the ethics of the use of another culture’s aesthetic is not always an easy task as it can be difficult to determine the point at which one crosses into the unethical terrain of cultural appropriation.

Aesthetics and Ethics Guided Discussion

This tutorial activity is a guided discussion and debate on the topic of aesthetics and ethics. Total Time required is two hours. By the end of this lesson, students will be able to make a value judgement on the ethical nature of media content that is supported by research; defend this value judgement by using Socratic reasoning and identify the ethical position they are assuming in exercising this judgement.

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The West and the Rest

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Making Sense of the Mainstream

The mainstream is a value-laden category that frequently derives its meaning in association with its multiple corollaries such as counter-culture, subculture, underground, indie, folk, alternative, experimental and avant-garde. In this lesson, we problematise our perceptions of mainstream culture and examine … READ MORE