PoMo Music Videos

In week one of my Cultural Perspectives course, the students are introduced to the concept of postmodernism. One of the ways I do this is through analysing music videos, which provide an example of postmodern stylistics par excellence (Goodwin, 1993). After we’ve explored a case study as a class, I then set the students an active learning task, asking them to reflect on their own music viewing over the next week and contribute a video to a class playlist for critique at the beginning of the next class. Until now, I’ve asked them to pin the video on our class Pinterest board or share it on a YouTube playlist, which has a few barriers that I’ve discussed in detail in another post.

So in preparation for the next time I run this activity, I’m trying out an app called Padlet. This playlist is part assemblage of postmodern sensibilities aestheticised through the medium of the music video and part teaching and learning experiment with Padlet. If you’re in the mood for the dulcet tones of scepticism, disenfranchisement and conspicuous consumption then carry on scrolling. But if it’s pedagogy that really floats your boat then you might want to check out my recent post on Collaborating in the Classroom: Padlet vs. Pinterest.