Reflection Question Generator

For both educators and student practitioners working in the dynamic space of creative media, the pursuit of continuous learning and professional development is not merely a choice but a necessity. For this reason, I regularly set reflective assessment tasks for my students. As I primarily teach postgrads, my students are generally well-versed in reflective writing by the time I get them in my class. However, this is not always the case. One particular trimester when I was teaching an undergraduate cohort, I found that the majority of students struggled to engage in deep reflection on their learning. Rarely did they demonstrate critical insight; instead offering little more than flimsy descriptions of what they did or learned. Lacking the skills to ask themselves the kind of questions that would yield meaningful introspection, at best, students acknowledged not fully grasping the material or finding it uninteresting. Concomitantly, there was a glaring absence of reflection on how the learning related to their professional development, whether it had repercussions on their creative processes or products, or if the learning challenged their preconceived notions. As educators, practitioners, artists and life-long learners, we often find ourselves facing new challenges, new technologies and ever-changing audience expectations. In such an environment, reflective practice emerges as a powerful tool for growth and innovation. So this prompted me to reflect on how I could best help my ‘audience’ overcome the challenges they were facing and create this reflective question generator while also expanding my repertoire of teaching tools and learning some basic HTML programming in the process.

The questions featured in my generator are modified versions of The 21st Century Learning Academy’s 40 Reflection Questions (2011) to facilitate backward-looking, inward-looking, outward-looking, forward-looking reflection for project-based learning (PBL). You can find the original 40 Reflection Questions along with a variety of additional free resources and tools for replicating project-based learning in your college or classroom over at Edutopia.

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Reflective Question Generator by Jodie Taylor is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0