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Have you ever tried engaging students in the process of essay writing or touted the benefits of reflexive blogging to a colleague only to be told, ‘I hate writing‘ or ‘I don’t have time for that‘? If you’re someone, like me, who loves to write then it can be hard to resist the logical response – ‘writing makes you a better person‘ – which I only recommend if you looking to fast track your unpopularity. If you’re looking for an alternative strategy, then try getting your students to road test a variety apps for writing and related tasks. Since everyone love apps (apparently), try using them as a covert introduction to teaching them the various skills that good writers require. Whether its brainstorming, journaling, researching, note-taking, pre-writing, concept-mapping, referencing, gramma, vocabulary, editing, proofing, digital publishing or managing and storing your documents, there’s an app designed to help you to manage, complete and perfect every step of the process.

Here’s an app bundle I have curated for my students and colleagues. It features tools that will help you turn thought into thesis, reckoning into rhetoric, perspective into prose and comment into critique. And there’s lots more these apps can do, which doesn’t need to be alliterated.  All apps and services listed below are free to use or offer free versions with some user restrictions.

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  1. Dr Taylor, I really appreciate your bundle of useful writing apps, thank you for your time you’ve spent and efforts that you’ve made to create this.

    Are you updating your list from time to time? In my opinion, you can add Power Thesaurus ( and Unplag ( to the list. The first is created by writers and authors, and will be helpful for students’ vocabulary development. The second is a plagiarism detector with a real-time Internet check. It will help your students to find their own unique writing style and be academically honest with their writing.

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